Tools, Material, How-To Videos

24 items, 1 full-length training course, 1 making of course, 2lbs of clay + 30-day access to CG Cookie

(That's $120+ worth of supplies that will last 100s of projects, plus tailored training to help you create your first sculpture...oh, and 4 pairs of eyeballs). 

Professional-grade material to use (and reuse!)

  • 2lbs of Premium Medium Grade Monster Clay (by Monster Makers)

    Reusable, long-lasting and perfect for experimenting, Monster Clay is used by serious industry heavyweights. 

Access to streaming HD training to help you master the right techniques

  • Video: "Introduction to the SculptBox". Explore the contents of the SculptBox, get initial quick tips and learn how to make your own tools.
  • Video: "Tutorial: Sculpting a Monster". This course takes you through your first project step-by-step. In 4 lessons, learn how to sculpt a cute monster and pick up skills that you will be using over and over again.
  • Video: "Making of:Sculpting a Wrangler". Once you've got the basics down, take a look at a more advanced project and get inspired for your own next creations. In 5 videos, see how a complex Wrangler is made, from its armature to the finishing touches.

    Durable tools to create your masterpieces

    • 2 Acid Brushes 
      Simple & effective tools for smoothing your clay. The bristles are tough and durable and can be cut to optimize performance.
    • Wide Fine Brush

      This brush is fine and wide with soft, dense bristles. It hold liquids well and is great for dipping into rubbing alcohol to aid with surface smoothing. Its shape will help you smooth even hard-to-access areas.

    • Small Fine Brush 

      Its small orange bristles are made from Taklon, sturdy and exceptionally well suited to smooth the finest details. The shape allows you to reach into very small crevices to clear off debris and smooth the surface of your clay figurine.

    • 17 Gauge Armature Wire 

      Sturdy enough to give you the perfect based to build upon, this wire will serve as an armature or skeleton to stabilize the pose of your figurine.

    • 30 Gauge Armature Wire 

      This thin wire is perfect to bind parts of your armature together and to add texture to bare armature wire, helping your clay stick to it.

    • 4 Cuticle Pushers

      Your secret weapon, the cuticle pushers can be shaped into customized tools you will love. Each can be made double-ended, giving you 8 different tools.

    • 1 Double Ended Wire-Wrapped Rake Modeling Tool 6

      This coarse rake aids in quick and broad clean-up of the clay surface. The serrated edges scrape away excess material with ease. Due to its sturdiness you will be making use of this tool for years to come.

    • 1 Double Ended Saw Tooth Rake Modeling Tool 16 

      The wire-wrapped loop tool is a finer rake to further smooth the surface after using the coarse saw tooth rake. There is a slight spring in each loop that makes the tool feel very natural when cleaning up the clay surface.

    • 1 Kemper W21 Combo Wire and Wood Tool 

      A 2-in-1 tool: it provides a fine loop tool to help work on details when sculpting, while also serving as a spatula that aids in spreading clay easily across larger surfaces.

    • 2 x 11mm and 2 x 14mm Black Beads (Eyeballs) 

      These glass black beads are great to use as eyeballs in your sculpture. They are smooth all around with holes that make them easy to apply and re-apply. Choose from 2 sizes to perfectly fit your figurine.

    • Reticulating Foam (Smoothing Clay)

      This peculiar piece of foam is very helpful in surface texturing, especially when are recreating human skin.

    • 6"x6"-ish MDF Sculpting board 

      The board serves as your workspace and comes with a pre-drilled hole for armature wire. We say "ish" because each board is hand cut, and well we are artists. ;) 

    Wait but what else do I need to start sculpting?

    While the box comes with the clay + tools to begin sculpting in clay. If you wanted to expand your sculpting it is recommended you have some Rubbing Alcohol handy for clay smoothing. 

    Note: Please keep in mind any of these items are subject to minor changers. You will be notified if anything drastically changed from when you pre-ordered the kit. 

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