What is Midnight Realm Coffee?

Wasn't it Van Gogh who famously proclaimed, "It takes a true artist to brew the perfect cup of coffee."?

No. But had he said it, we would wholeheartedly agree.

Coffee > Magic Mushrooms

The link between art and stimulating substances is as old as creativity itself. Did you know that cave paintings are the result of cavemen chowing on magic mushrooms?

At CG Cookie, a small creative studio in Illinois (read: a group of people who love making very cool-looking things on their computer), we choose to fuel our artistic drive with something much more innocuous: coffee.

With coffee, this would look different

Digital art, powered by coffee

Creating digital art is in our blood, along with a fair bit of caffeine. No surprise, then, that "☕ "   is the most-used emoji in our team chats.

Midnight Realm, our signature roast, is the culmination of our yearlong love affair with the dark brew combining everything we love: coffee, creativity, and caring about the world we live in. 

Coffee you'll be happy to drink every day

In collaboration with FreshGround, a local roaster just 10 minutes walk from the CG Cookie studio in Geneva, a small town in Illinois, we viewed, tasted, smelled and listened to dozens of various coffee beans. (That's right. We are outstanding listeners.)

We ended up selecting a curated blend of #artisanal handcrafted foraged small batch 100% pretentiouseness-free coffee that tastes like real coffee should: the kind where you take a deep breath, and know that if you take a sip of this hot, fragrant brew in the morning, your day will go just right.  

Hand-drawing the bag design at our studio

CG Cookie's illustration wizard Tim von Rueden took on the bag design and gave shape to our ideas of Midnight Realm: a hyperconductive state of total immersion, the coveted "flow" in which artists collapse time and create the work of their lifetime. With a cup of joe in their hand, of course.

Concept Art for Midnight Realm Coffee

Teaching a lesson along the way

Did we mention we also create digital art education? Of course, Midnight Realm was the perfect opportunity to share the creative process with our community: voilá, a coffee bag art tutorial was born!