Neil Viola

Neil Viola, Professional Sculptor + Instructor


"Finally, a sculpting kit that allows you to learn, create and share!  CG Cookie has eliminated the frustration of gathering materials, tutilege and exposure by offering a complete sculpting package delivered right to your doorstep. A must-have for any beginning sculptor."

Lisa Schinder, The Sculptress

"This kit has everything you need to get started in traditional sculpting. I wish something like that had been around when I started out, it would have made the beginning so much easier and less time consuming. No need to worry about where to get materials or tools, you can just dive right into the world of clay sculpting!"

Arnold Goldman (Monster Makers)

"If only I could go back in time. This would have been my dream starter kit! Monster Makers loved the concept so much that we decided to offer CGCookie an exclusive two pound quantity of our Monster Clay that cannot be purchased anywhere else on the planet. The Sculptbox has everything you need to turn your dream into reality at a really nice price too. No more excuses. Sculptbox is here! Find your flow and let's all get sculpting!"

Tobias Esterhuizen (SculptBox owner)

"Fantastic to see a beginning to traditional sculpture offered in such a accessible way - always wanted to try but didn't quite know where or how to start."

Jordu Schell (Avatar, MiB, 300, The Chronicles of Narnia)

"This is the perfect beginning kit for the artist who is serious about improving their sculpture work."

Aarica North (SculptBox owner)

"Thanks a million to you and your team for creating this product! I wished for so long that something like this existed, and I'm sure a lot of other animators will benefit from it too."


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