Frequently Asked Questions about CG Cookie's Midnight Realm Coffee

Where are the coffee beans from?

The beans are from the Yirgacheffe District in Ethiopia, a region which consistently ranks amongst the best for coffee in the world. They are grown at an altitude above 6,000 ft.

What is Midnight Realm's flavor profile?

The beans deliver a bright, clean, and crisp flavor with distinct apricot aromas, a medium body, and a citrus hint at the finish. 

They are roasted to a light-medium roast level to preserve the aroma fully.

What is the recommended preparation method?

Although it will be fantastic any way you prepare it, to really enjoy the bright, clean flavors of Midnight Realm, we recommend a pour over brewing method such as a Chemex Coffeemaker for this particular coffee. 

Will a real monster come out of the coffee and assist me in my artwork? 

Though this does happen on occasion, we cannot guarantee a monster in each cup of Midnight Realm due to the Monster Labor Union's restrictions.

What if I'm not an artist?

Says who? Brew yourself a cup of Midnight Realm, grab a paper and crayons, and let the inspirational potion work its magic.

Do I have to drink it at midnight?


(Disclaimer: It's always midnight somewhere. And we find that to be a comforting thought.)