Frequently Asked Questions about the SculptBox

Who is the SculptBox for?

The kit is designed for a complete beginner who has never held a sculpting tool, as well as for slightly intermediate sculptors looking to solidify their basic skills and stock up on essential sculpting tools.

Is there anything else I need to buy?

The SculptBox does come with a variety of tools, clay and training to get you started with sculpting. It is recommended that you have a handy pair of wire snips and rubbing alcohol at home to work with the Armature wire and Clay. 

Is this kit one-use only?

Absolutely not. The tools included in the SculptBox were selected to be of high quality and long lasting. When handled with care, the tools will last for dozens of projects.

The clay is reusable and good for hours and hours of sculpting. 

How much clay is in the kit? 

We are thrilled to be able to offer an exclusive 2lbs of the highly regarded Monster Clay (Medium grade). 

2lbs is an amount larger than what is normally needed for a medium-sized sculpture (e.g. the size of a tea mug). Keep in mind, the clay is reusable and good for multiple projects.

What training is included? 

The SculptBox comes with 3 full-length videos: a full "Getting Started" course (3 parts), a How-To video for your first sculpture (4 parts), and a "Making Of" an advanced Wrangler character (5 parts). Additionally, you receive a coupon for 30 days of free access to CG Cookie. 

When does the SculptBox Ship?  

The first kits will be hitting the mail in early March, 2017. They will be shipped in the order they were purchased. SculptBoxes are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. 

Wait, can't I just buy all of these things myself? 

With a few exceptions, all items are available via online stores, hardware or hobby stores. We've done the leg work for you by selecting the best value items and bundling them with professional-grade clay, as well as tailor-made training.

Is there a phone number I can call? 

No there isn't, but please don't think we are disinterested in speaking with you. You will not be bombarded with auto-response. You will be e-mailing a human responding as a human. Not an automated response of text which is not related to your issue. :)

Why is the SculptBox only available within the United States? 

The initial release of the kit is limited to the United States due to international tax laws + incredibly high shipping rates. However, if demand is strong, we will be looking into offering the kit abroad. 

Update: ⭐️ For our friends outside of the United States. Apologizes as shipping rates for the SculptBox is much higher than we'd prefer. We are working on getting a better rate, though wanted to make it available to those who absolutely want/need the kit. 

Do you have other versions of the kits available?

There are a few kit ideas the Cookie crew is kicking around. At this time we are remaining dedicated and focused into making an awesome Clay Starter Kit. :) If you feel like there is something you'd like added, or an entirely different kit let us know! 

Can the kit be used within schools?  

Yes! Take the struggle of maintaining supplies at the school, being used by students and then returned in less than optimal states. Instead, imagine building the cost of the Sculpting kit into the tuition where each kid gets their very own sculpting kit to use in class and take home, because it is theirs! Enabling them to have the supplies needed to continue creating art outside of the classroom. 

If you're a teach or school interested in the sculpting kit email